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    • Changes in the inflammatory markers with advancing stages of diabetic nephropathy and the role of pentraxin-3 

      Koldas, Macit; Ozturk, Savaş; Sari, Soner; Demir, Secil; Karaali, Zeynep; Uzun, Sami; Ozari, Muge; GÜRSU, Meltem; Karadag, Serhat; Behlul, Ahmet (2016)
      Background: Immunological and inflammatory mechanisms have been shown to have role in both the development and progression of diabetic nephropathy (DNP). There is need for more specific markers for inflammation as the ones ...
    • Comparison of Uremic Patients with Non-Uremic Controls Regarding Gastroscopic Findings and Helicobacter Pylori Positivity 

      KAZANCIOĞLU, Rümeyza; Kaya, Ali Hakan; Ozturk, Savaş; Gursu, Meltem; Kaya, Burcu; Baysal, Birol; Poturoglu, Sule; Feyizoglu, Hikmet; Mercan, Mustafa Ertugrul (2013)
      OBJECTIVE: We aimed to investigate the relationship between gastroscopic findings and Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) in uremic patients; and to compare them with the normal population.
    • Demographic, Clinicopathological and Laboratory Features of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis Patients 

      Bashan, Yagmur; Ozturk, Savaş; Ozkan, Oktay; Dag, Hatice Burcu; Karaali, Zeynep; Ozler, Tuba Elif; Ceylan, Ozge Can; Cebeci, Egemen; Uzun, Sami; Karadag, Serhat (2020)
      Aim: Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is one of the common glomerulonephritis in Turkey and the world. The aim of our study was to determine demographic and clinical features and biopsy results of patients who ...
    • Effect of Baseline Datas on the Survival of Intensive Care Unit Patients 

      Erguven, Hidayet Nedret; Ozturk, Savaş; Isitemiz, Ilke; Sunul, Hasibe; Cebeci, Egemen; Ozenc, Ecder; Akkoc, Ibrahim; Alpay, Nadir; Toptas, Mehmet (2017)
      Aim: We investigated demographic features and systemic diseases which affect mortality and the importance of the biochemical analyzes on admission in patients admitted to intensive care unit (ICU).
    • Is Pentraxin-3 a Stronger Marker of Inflammation than C-Reactive Protein in Chronic Kidney Disease? 

      Sumnu, Abdullah; Kazancioglu, Rumeyza; Koldas, Macit; Cebeci, Egemen; Ozkan, Oktay; Gursu, Meltem; Aydin, Zeki; Ozturk, Savaş; Karadag, Serhat; Uzun, Sami; Erdogan, Yasemin Doventas (2014)
      OBJECTIVE : Pentraxin-3 (PTX-3) is elevated in uremic patients and related with albuminuria and endothelial dysfunction. We aimed to clarify the relationship of PTX-3 with inflammatory markers (hsCRP and IL-6) in patients ...

      Koldas, M.; Uzun, S.; Doventas, Y.; Sumnu, A.; KAZANCIOĞLU, Rümeyza; Gursu, M.; Ozturk, Savaş; Aydin, Z.; Karadag, S. (2012)
      Pentraxin-3 (PTX-3) is the prototype of long pentraxins and is produced by many tissues and organs including vascular endothelial cells in response to pro-inflammatory signals. It is thought to be an independent indicator ...
    • Lipid Profile and Inflammation in Degenerative Valvular Disease 

      Hacioglu, Burcu; Ozturk, Savaş; Gursu, Meltem; Ataoglu, Esra; Korkmaz, Kazim; Yamak, Mehmet; Sar, Fuat; Akarsu, Ozger (2015)
      Aim: Degenerative valvular heart disease (DVHD) may cause serious cardiac problems and mortality. Determination of the factors related to DVHD may render possible the prevention and/or slowing down the progression of DVHD. ...
    • Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria and Acute Kidney Injury: A Case Report 

      Ozturk, Savaş; KAZANCIOĞLU, Rümeyza; Gursu, Meltem; Cebeci, Egemen; Kilicarslan, Isin; Sumnu, Abdullah; Donmez, Halil (2013)
      Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) is a rare cause of hemolytic anemia. The major outlines of clinical presentation comprises findings of hemolysis, venous thrombosis and findings of bone marrow failure. The ...
    • Pseudoephedrine-induced Ventricular Tachycardia 

      Kumbasar, B.; KAZANCIOĞLU, Rümeyza; Ozturk, Savaş; Tahmaz, Meryem
      Here, we report an unusual cause of ventricular tachycardia which had developed following pseudoephedrine intake. A 55 year old male patient was admitted to the emergency department with complaints of sustained palpitation. ...
    • Spontaneous Renal Cholesterol Crystal Embolism In A Patient with Functionally Solitary Kidney 

      Celik, Kenan; Sumnu, Abdullah; Gursu, Meltem; Sakin, Abdullah; Uzun, Sami; Ozturk, Savaş; KAZANCIOĞLU, Rümeyza (2014)
      Renal cholesterol crystal embolism (also called renal atheroembolism) is a cause of acute kidney injury with increasing frequency. It is usually seen in patients older than 60 years of age with diffuse atherosclerotic ...
    • The correlation of inflammatory markers and plasma vaspin levels in patients with diabetic nephropathy 

      Gursu, Meltem; Koldas, Macit; Behlul, Ahmet; Ataoglu, Esra; Ozturk, Savaş; Sakci, Elif; Karadag, Serhat; Uzun, Sami; Aydin, Zeki; Cebeci, Egemen; Sumnu, Abdullah; Ozkan, Oktay; Yamak, Mehmet (2016)
      Vaspin, a recently identified adipokine, is a visceral adipose tissue-derived serine protease inhibitor that may have insulin sensitizing effect on adipose tissue. Herein, we measured vaspin level in patients with different ...
    • The Effect of Culture Technique on Culture Positivity in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients with Peritonitis 

      Sengoz, Gonul; Uzun, Sami; Karadag, Serhat; Tatli, Emel; KAZANCIOĞLU, Rümeyza; Gursu, Meltem; Aydin, Zeki; Ozturk, Savaş; Pehlivanoglu, Filiz (2011)
      Objective: We aimed to analyze all peritonitis attacks recorded in our unit, and examine the correlation between culturing technique and culture positivity.
    • The Relationship Between Ghrelin Levels and the Presence of Helicobacter Pylori in the Gastric Mucosa in Uremic Patients 

      Ozkan, Oktay; Kazancioglu, Rmeyza; Aydin, Zeki; Baysal, Birol; Feyizoglu, Hikmet; Gursu, Meltem; Uzun, Sami; Kaya, Ali Hakan; Poturoglu, Sule; Ozturk, Savaş; Kaya, Burcu; Karadag, Serhat (2013)
      OBJECTIVE: Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection is an important risk factor for chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer. Ghrelin is mostly secreted by gastric mucosa. The aim of the study is to examine the relationship ...
    • Use of Herbal Products in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients 

      Sumnu, Abdullah; KAZANCIOĞLU, Rümeyza; Ozturk, Savaş; Karadag, Serhat; Uzun, Sami; Cebeci, Egemen; Sevim, Yonca; Bektas, Tayfun; Gursu, Meltem (2016)
      OBJECTIVE: Complementary and alternative medicine practices are perceived by patients, both in pre-dialysis and dialysis periods, to be hopeful and promising. In our study we searched herbal product (HP) use in peritoneal ...