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dc.contributor.authorZaim, A. Halim
dc.contributor.authorTurna, Ozgur Can
dc.contributor.authorAydin, Muhammed Ali
dc.contributor.authorAtmaca, Tulin
dc.identifier.citationTurna O. C. , Aydin M. A. , Atmaca T., Zaim A. H. , "A Novel Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm Based on Half Cycling for EPON", 2nd International Conference on Emerging Network Intelligence (EMERGING), Florence, İtalya, 25 - 30 Ekim 2010, ss.38-43
dc.description.abstractThe access network solutions based on the fiber infrastructure are examined and developed in the last decade. Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON), which has only passive optical units in its' infrastructure, comes front in cost and deliverability of service with high bandwidth and long haul access. In upstream direction, EPON needs a multiple access control mechanism to control the bandwidth allocation among Optical Network Units (ONUs) where Multi-Point Control Protocol (MPCP) is responsible for. In this article we propose a novel dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithm which can increase the link utilization with a fair distribution among ONUs. Our algorithm uses half cycle stops thereby we don't have to wait for calculation while waiting report messages from the entire ONUs. Finally, we simulate an EPON network with mono-service and multi-service traffic in two cases to compare our algorithm with Interleaved Polling with Adaptive Cycle Timing (IPACT) and offline Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (oDBA) algorithms. Our algorithm gives better performance in byte loss ratio and mean access delay values compared to IPACT and oDBA.
dc.subjectBilgi Sistemleri, Haberleşme ve Kontrol Mühendisliği
dc.subjectMühendislik ve Teknoloji
dc.subjectMühendislik, Bilişim ve Teknoloji (ENG)
dc.titleA Novel Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm Based on Half Cycling for EPON
dc.contributor.departmentIMT Atlantique , ,

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