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dc.contributor.authorPeksan, Selcan
dc.contributor.authorDelen, Meltem
dc.identifier.citationPeksan S., Delen M., Covid-19 Induced Uncertainty and Labor Markets: Risks and Insights During the Early Stages of the Pandemic in Turkey, "The Covid-19 Pandemic: Global Risks and Uncertainties", Nazan Susam, Editör, Istanbul University, İstanbul, ss.161-191, 2020
dc.description.abstractThe global spread of COVID-19, presenting both economic and social shocks that cause severe impacts on labor markets, has led to a crisis worldwide. These impacts differ among countries depending on the structural features of their labor markets and the scope of the measures taken. Based on the preliminary literature on COVID-19, we assess that the negative consequences of the current crisis are particularly harsh for disadvantaged and vulnerable labor groups, informal workers, low-income occupations and the youth. And hence, we claim that the unequal character of the risks posed by the pandemic is mainly due to inequalities associated with the segmented structure of the labor markets and also sharpens its long-existing negative features. We discuss that the major risks of the Turkish labor market are the high level of informal workers, the disadvantaged position of young people and the domination of the service sector. These structural characteristics of the Turkish labor market are likely to deepen the pandemic induced crisis in the long run.
dc.publisherIstanbul University
dc.subjectSosyal ve Beşeri Bilimler
dc.subjectSosyal Bilimler (SOC)
dc.titleThe Covid-19 Pandemic: Global Risks and Uncertainties
dc.typeKitapta Bölüm
dc.contributor.departmentİstanbul Üniversitesi , İktisat Fakültesi , Çalışma Ekonomisi ve Endüstri İlişkileri Bölümü

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