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dc.contributor.authorYalincetin, Berna
dc.contributor.authorAkdede, Berna
dc.contributor.authorRichards, Alexander L.
dc.contributor.authorBİNBAY, İBRAHİM TOLGA
dc.contributor.authorALTINYAZAR, VESİLE
dc.contributor.authorGÜMÜŞ AKAY, GÜVEM
dc.contributor.authorCİHAN, BURÇİN
dc.contributor.authorSoygur, Haldun
dc.contributor.authorULAŞ, HALİS
dc.contributor.authorCankurtaran, Eylem S.
dc.contributor.authorKaymak, Semra U.
dc.contributor.authorMihaljevic, Marina M.
dc.contributor.authorPetrovic, Sanja S.
dc.contributor.authorMirjanic, Tijana
dc.contributor.authorBernardo, Miguel
dc.contributor.authorMezquida, Gisela
dc.contributor.authorAmoretti, Silvia
dc.contributor.authorBobes, Julio
dc.contributor.authorSaiz, Pilar A.
dc.contributor.authorGarcia-Portilla, Maria P.
dc.contributor.authorSanjuan, Julio
dc.contributor.authorAguilar, Eduardo J.
dc.contributor.authorSantos, Jose L.
dc.contributor.authorJimenez-Lopez, Estela
dc.contributor.authorArrojo, Manuel
dc.contributor.authorCarracedo, Angel
dc.contributor.authorLopez, Gonzalo
dc.contributor.authorGonzalez-Penas, Javier
dc.contributor.authorParellada, Mara
dc.contributor.authorMaric, Nadja P.
dc.contributor.authorAtbasoglu, Cem
dc.contributor.authorUcok, Alp
dc.contributor.authorAlptekin, Koksal
dc.contributor.authorSAKA, MERAM CAN
dc.contributor.authorArango, Celso
dc.contributor.authorO'Donovan, Michael
dc.contributor.authorRutten, Bart P. F.
dc.contributor.authorGuloksuz, Sinan
dc.contributor.authorHenquet, Cecile
dc.contributor.authorvan Os, Jim
dc.contributor.authorPries, Lotta K.
dc.contributor.authorRauschenberg, Christian
dc.contributor.authorDelespaul, Philippe
dc.contributor.authorKenis, Gunter
dc.contributor.authorLuykx, Jurjen J.
dc.contributor.authorLin, Bochao D.
dc.identifier.citationHenquet C., van Os J., Pries L. K., Rauschenberg C., Delespaul P., Kenis G., Luykx J. J., Lin B. D., Richards A. L., Akdede B., et al., "A replication study of JTC bias, genetic liability for psychosis and delusional ideation", PSYCHOLOGICAL MEDICINE, cilt.52, sa.9, ss.1777-1783, 2022
dc.description.abstractBackground This study attempted to replicate whether a bias in probabilistic reasoning, or 'jumping to conclusions'(JTC) bias is associated with being a sibling of a patient with schizophrenia spectrum disorder; and if so, whether this association is contingent on subthreshold delusional ideation. Methods Data were derived from the EUGEI project, a 25-centre, 15-country effort to study psychosis spectrum disorder. The current analyses included 1261 patients with schizophrenia spectrum disorder, 1282 siblings of patients and 1525 healthy comparison subjects, recruited in Spain (five centres), Turkey (three centres) and Serbia (one centre). The beads task was used to assess JTC bias. Lifetime experience of delusional ideation and hallucinatory experiences was assessed using the Community Assessment of Psychic Experiences. General cognitive abilities were taken into account in the analyses. Results JTC bias was positively associated not only with patient status but also with sibling status [adjusted relative risk (aRR) ratio : 4.23 CI 95% 3.46-5.17 for siblings and aRR: 5.07 CI 95% 4.13-6.23 for patients]. The association between JTC bias and sibling status was stronger in those with higher levels of delusional ideation (aRR interaction in siblings: 3.77 CI 95% 1.67-8.51, and in patients: 2.15 CI 95% 0.94-4.92). The association between JTC bias and sibling status was not stronger in those with higher levels of hallucinatory experiences. Conclusions These findings replicate earlier findings that JTC bias is associated with familial liability for psychosis and that this is contingent on the degree of delusional ideation but not hallucinations.
dc.subjectPsikiyatri ve Ruh Sağlığı
dc.subjectKlinik Tıp (MED)
dc.subjectSağlık Bilimleri
dc.subjectSosyal ve Beşeri Bilimler
dc.subjectKlinik Psikolojisi
dc.subjectKlinik Psikoloji
dc.subjectPsikoloji (çeşitli)
dc.subjectGenel Psikoloji
dc.subjectPsikiyatrik Ruh Sağlığı
dc.subjectSosyal Bilimler ve Beşeri Bilimler
dc.subjectTemel Bilimler (SCI)
dc.titleA replication study of JTC bias, genetic liability for psychosis and delusional ideation
dc.contributor.departmentHogeschool Maastricht , ,

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