Recent Submissions

  • Unusual Presentation of Metastatic Breast Cancer; Dyspeptic Complaints (A Case Report) 

    Aydan Ahmed, Melin; Bayram, Aysel; Küçücük, Seden; Özkurt, Selnur; Denizli, Mustafa; Büyük, Melek (2023)
    Unusual Presentation of Metastatic Breast Cancer; Dyspeptic Complaints (A Case Report)
  • Impact of Brain Metastases on Treatment Patterns and Outcomes With First-Line Durvalumab Plus Platinum-Etoposide in Extensive-Stage SCLC (CASPIAN): A Brief Report 

    Dalvi, Tapashi; Goldman, Jonathan W.; Ji, Jun Ho; Spencer, Stuart; Jiang, Haiyi; Chen, Yuanbin; Paz-Ares, Luis; Reinmuth, Niels; Garassino, Marina Chiara; Statsenko, Galina; Hochmair, Maximilian J.; ÖZGÜROĞLU, Mustafa; Verderame, Francesco; Havel, Libor; Losonczy, György; Conev, Nikolay V.; Hotta, Katsuyuki (2022)
    © 2022 The AuthorsIntroduction: In the phase 3 study involving the use of durvalumab with or without tremelimumab in combination with platinum-based chemotherapy in untreated extensive-stage SCLC (CASPIAN study), first-line ...
  • Isolation and characterization of antimicrobial compounds from Cotinus coggygria Scop. ethyl acetate extract 

    ŞEN, ALİ; BİTİŞ, LEYLA; BİRTEKSÖZ TAN, Ayşe Seher; KÜLTÜR, Şükran (2020)
    Background and Aims: Cotinus coggygria leaves are traditionally used in the treatment of various diseases, including their use for antifungal purposes. The aim of this study was to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of ...
  • A replication study of JTC bias, genetic liability for psychosis and delusional ideation 

    Yalincetin, Berna; Akdede, Berna; Richards, Alexander L.; BİNBAY, İBRAHİM TOLGA; ALTINYAZAR, VESİLE; GÜMÜŞ AKAY, GÜVEM; CİHAN, BURÇİN; Soygur, Haldun; ULAŞ, HALİS; Cankurtaran, Eylem S.; Kaymak, Semra U.; Mihaljevic, Marina M.; Petrovic, Sanja S.; Mirjanic, Tijana; Bernardo, Miguel; Mezquida, Gisela; Amoretti, Silvia; Bobes, Julio; Saiz, Pilar A.; Garcia-Portilla, Maria P.; Sanjuan, Julio; Aguilar, Eduardo J.; Santos, Jose L.; Jimenez-Lopez, Estela; Arrojo, Manuel; Carracedo, Angel; Lopez, Gonzalo; Gonzalez-Penas, Javier; Parellada, Mara; Maric, Nadja P.; Atbasoglu, Cem; Ucok, Alp; Alptekin, Koksal; SAKA, MERAM CAN; Arango, Celso; O'Donovan, Michael; Rutten, Bart P. F.; Guloksuz, Sinan; Henquet, Cecile; van Os, Jim; Pries, Lotta K.; Rauschenberg, Christian; Delespaul, Philippe; Kenis, Gunter; Luykx, Jurjen J.; Lin, Bochao D. (2022)
    Background This study attempted to replicate whether a bias in probabilistic reasoning, or 'jumping to conclusions'(JTC) bias is associated with being a sibling of a patient with schizophrenia spectrum disorder; and if so, ...
  • Eruptive Xanthoma: A Marker Of Hypertriglyceridemia 

    Soyluk Selçukbiricik, Özlem (2021)
  • Does the face mask increase the impact of rapid maxillary expansion on sagittal airway dimensions? 

    Çapan, Özge; Erbay, Elif; Gümrü Çelikel, Asuman Deniz; Tağrikulu, Beyza; Çifter, Muhsin (2023)
  • Dataset on social and psychological effects of COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey 

    Özdemir, Özgür; Karakus, Buse Sencan; Kagan, Gamze; Sari, Emre (2022)
    This data was gathered to investigate how individuals' levels of intolerance to distress and instant anxiety are related to some of the behaviors that people can change in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We present a ...
  • Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolates from retail raw meats in Turkey 

    Bayrak, A. R. Bozan; Yesiloglu, C.; Alali, W. Q.; Guran, H. S. (2022)
    The transmission of Staphylococcus aureus and methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) through food products of animal origin may pose a public health concern. Therefore, the objectives of the present work were to determine ...
  • Attitudes and practices of postnatal mothers and their accompanying relatives to breastfeeding in public at a university hospital in Turkey 

    Background: Mothers face social and cultural obstacles to breastfeeding in public.Aims: This study evaluated the attitudes and practices of Turkish women regarding breastfeeding in public.Methods: This cross-sectional, ...
  • The Study of Genetic Predisposition on Periodontitis and Peri-Implantitis 

    Türkmen, Mert; Fıratlı, Halil Erhan (2022)
    Background: Peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis cases increase in number with the increase of implant applications. Peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis are defined as inflammatory diseases with inflammation ...
  • ANCA-associated vasculitis flare might be provoked by COVID-19 infection: a case report and a review of the literature 

    Sonmez, Ozge; Seyahi, Nurhan; Karaca, Cebrail; Ozdede, Ayse; Ozcan, Seyda (2022)
    Mesangial immunoglobulin A (IgA) deposition is the hallmark of IgA nephropathy (IgAN). In some cases, crescentic involvement that might be associated with systemic leucocytoclastic vasculitis is documented. In such cases, ...
  • Examples of Two Ottoman Houses in Suakin Island Sevâkin’de Osmanlılara Atfedilen İki Ev Örneği 

    GEMİCİ, Nurettin; Alçı, Güneş (2022)
    © 2022 Istanbul University Press. All rights reserved.Suakin island has been one of East Africa's most important ports for trade with Egypt, India, Arabia Indian Ocean countries on the Red Sea coast since ancient times. ...

    Solakoğlu, Seyhun; Yurdabakan, Zeliha Zuhal; Ozcan, Ilknur (2022)
    © 2022 Polish Dental AssociationIntroduction: Chemo-therapeutic drugs can cause morphological damages to the salivary glands. Objectives: This study aimed to analyze and elucidate 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), cisplatin, methotrexate ...
  • Detection of colistin resistance via four methods in multi-drug resistant gram negative rods isolated from blood cultures 

    Öksüz, Lütfiye; Alhamwı, Rama (2022)
    Introduction: The broth microdilution (BMD) method recommended for the detection of colistin resistance is labor-intensive and time-consuming, and it is difficult to apply in routine laboratories.. Thus, various methods, ...
  • Is surgical therapy the only treatment of choice for cardiac echinococcossis with multiple organ involvement? 

    Akinci, Esat; BOZBUĞA, Nilgün; Yakut, Cevat; Erentug, Vedat (2003)
    A 25-year-old male patient suffered from multi-organ hydatidosis including cardiac and bilateral pulmonary echinococcosis. Echocardiography revealed the hydatid cyst 20×35 mm in dimension located in the interventricular ...
  • The relationship between clinicopathological parameters and PD-L1 expression level in advanced stage non-small cell lung cancer 

    Introduction: Clinicopathological parameters related to programmed death ligand 1 (PD-L1) expression levels have been investigated in several studies. However, the results of these studies are conflicting and vary in ...
  • Observation of B0 → ψ(2S)K0Sπ+π− and B0S → ψ(2S)K0S decays 

    Dutta, I.; Ledovskoy, A.; Li, A.; Neu, C.; Lara, C. E. Perez; Tannenwald, B.; White, S.; Poudyal, N.; Banerjee, S.; Black, K.; Bose, T.; Dasu, S.; De Bruyn, I.; Everaerts, P.; Galloni, C.; He, H.; Herndon, M.; Herve, A.; Hussain, U.; Lanaro, A.; Loeliger, A.; Loveless, R.; Sreekala, J. Madhusudanan; Mallampalli, A.; Mohammadi, A.; Pinna, D.; Savin, A.; Shang, V.; Sharma, V.; Smith, W.H.; Teague, D.; Trembath-Reichert, S.; Vetens, W.; Sert, Hale; ZORBİLMEZ, Çağlar; Tumasyan, A.; Adam, W.; Andrejkovic, J.W.; Bergauer, T.; Chatterjee, S.; Damanakis, K.; Dragicevic, M.; Valle, A. Escalante Del; Frühwirth, R.; Jeitler, M.; Krammer, N.; Lechner, L.; Liko, D.; Mikulec, I.; Paulitsch, P.; Pitters, F.M.; Schieck, J.; Schöfbeck, R.; Schwarz, D.; Templ, S.; Waltenberger, W.; Wulz, C.-E.; Chekhovsky, V.; Litomin, A.; Makarenko, V.; Darwish, M.R.; De Wolf, E.A.; Janssen, T.; Kello, T.; Lelek, A.; Sfar, H. Rejeb; Mechelen, P. Van; Putte, S. Van; Remortel, N. Van; Bols, E.S.; D’Hondt, J.; De Moor, A.; Delcourt, M.; Faham, H. El; Lowette, S.; Moortgat, S.; Morton, A.; Müller, D.; Sahasransu, A.R.; Tavernier, S.; Doninck, W. Van; Vannerom, D.; Beghin, D.; Bilin, B.; Clerbaux, B.; De Lentdecker, G.; Favart, L.; Kalsi, A.K.; Lee, K.; Mahdavikhorrami, M.; Makarenko, I.; Moureaux, L.; Paredes, S.; Pétré, L.; Popov, A.; Postiau, N.; Starling, E.; Thomas, L.; Bemden, M. Vanden; Velde, C. Vander; Vanlaer, P.; Cornelis, T.; Dobur, D.; Knolle, J.; Lambrecht, L.; Mestdach, G.; Niedziela, M.; Rendón, C.; Roskas, C.; Samalan, A.; Skovpen, K.; Tytgat, M.; Vermassen, B.; Wezenbeek, L.; Benecke, A.; Bethani, A.; Bruno, G.; Bury, F.; Caputo, C.; David, P.; Delaere, C.; Donertas, I.S.; Giammanco, A.; Jaffel, K.; Jain, Sa.; Lemaitre, V.; Mondal, K.; Prisciandaro, J.; Taliercio, A.; Teklishyn, M.; Tran, T.T.; Vischia, P.; Wertz, S.; Alves, G.A.; Hensel, C.; Moraes, A.; Teles, P. Rebello; Júnior, W. L. Aldá; Pereira, M. Alves Gallo; Filho, M. Barroso Ferreira; Malbouisson, H. Brandao; Carvalho, W.; Chinellato, J.; Da Costa, E.M.; Da Silveira, G.G.; De Jesus Damiao, D.; Sousa, V. Dos Santos; De Souza, S. Fonseca; Herrera, C. Mora; Amarilo, K. Mota; Mundim, L.; Nogima, H.; Santoro, A.; Amaral, S. M. Silva Do; Sznajder, A.; Thiel, M.; Da Silva De Araujo, F. Torres; Pereira, A. Vilela; Bernardes, C.A.; Calligaris, L.; Tomei, T. R. Fernandez Perez; Gregores, E.M.; Lemos, D.S.; Mercadante, P.G.; Novaes, S.F.; Padula, Sandra S.; Aleksandrov, A.; Antchev, G.; Hadjiiska, R.; Iaydjiev, P.; Misheva, M.; Rodozov, M.; Shopova, M.; Sultanov, G.; Dimitrov, A.; Ivanov, T.; Litov, L.; Pavlov, B.; Petkov, P.; Petrov, A.; Cheng, T.; Javaid, T.; Mittal, M.; Yuan, L.; Ahmad, M.; Bauer, G.; Dozen, C.; Hu, Z.; Martins, J.; Wang, Y.; Yi, K.; Chapon, E.; Chen, G.M.; Chen, H.S.; Chen, M.; Iemmi, F.; Kapoor, A.; Leggat, D.; Liao, H.; Liu, Z.-A.; Milosevic, V.; Monti, F.; Sharma, R.; Tao, J.; Thomas-Wilsker, J.; Wang, J.; Zhang, H.; Zhao, J.; Agapitos, A.; An, Y.; Ban, Y.; Chen, C.; Levin, A.; Li, Q.; Lyu, X.; Mao, Y.; Qian, S.J.; Wang, D.; Xiao, J.; Yang, H.; Lu, M.; You, Z.; Gao, X.; Okawa, H.; Zhang, Y.; Lin, Z.; Xiao, M.; Avila, C.; Cabrera, A.; Florez, C.; Fraga, J.; Guisao, J. Mejia; Ramirez, F.; Alvarez, J. D. Ruiz; Giljanovic, D.; Godinovic, N.; Lelas, D.; Puljak, I.; Antunovic, Z.; Kovac, M.; Sculac, T.; Brigljevic, V.; Ferencek, D.; Majumder, D.; Roguljic, M.; Starodumov, A.; Susa, T.; Attikis, A.; Christoforou, K.; Kole, G.; Kolosova, M.; Konstantinou, S.; Mousa, J.; Nicolaou, C.; Ptochos, F.; Razis, P.A.; Rykaczewski, H.; Saka, H.; Finger, M.; Finger, M.; Kveton, A.; Ayala, E.; Jarrin, E. Carrera; Abdelalim, A.A.; Salama, E.; Mahmoud, M.A.; Mohammed, Y.; Bhowmik, S.; Dewanjee, R.K.; Ehataht, K.; Kadastik, M.; Nandan, S.; Nielsen, C.; Pata, J.; Raidal, M.; Tani, L.; Veelken, C.; Eerola, P.; Kirschenmann, H.; Osterberg, K.; Voutilainen, M.; Bharthuar, S.; Brücken, E.; Garcia, F.; Havukainen, J.; Kim, M.S.; Kinnunen, R.; Lampén, T.; Lassila-Perini, K.; Lehti, S.; Lindén, T.; Lotti, M.; Martikainen, L.; Myllymäki, M.; Ott, J.; Rantanen, M. m.; Siikonen, H.; Tuominen, E.; Tuominiemi, J.; Luukka, P.; Petrow, H.; Tuuva, T.; Amendola, C.; Besancon, M.; Couderc, F.; Dejardin, M.; Denegri, D.; Faure, J.L.; Ferri, F.; Ganjour, S.; Gras, P.; de Monchenault, G. Hamel; Jarry, P.; Lenzi, B.; Malcles, J.; Rander, J.; Rosowsky, A.; Sahin, M.Ö.; Savoy-Navarro, A.; Titov, M.; Yu, G.B.; Ahuja, S.; Beaudette, F.; Bonanomi, M.; Perraguin, A. Buchot; Busson, P.; Cappati, A.; Charlot, C.; Davignon, O.; Diab, B.; Falmagne, G.; Ghosh, S.; de Cassagnac, R. Granier; Hakimi, A.; Kucher, I.; Motta, J.; Nguyen, M.; Ochando, C.; Paganini, P.; Rembser, J.; Salerno, R.; Sarkar, U.; Sauvan, J.B.; Sirois, Y.; Tarabini, A.; Zabi, A.; Zghiche, A.; Agram, J.-L.; Andrea, J.; Apparu, D.; Bloch, D.; Bourgatte, G.; Brom, J.-M.; Chabert, E.C.; Collard, C.; Darej, D.; Fontaine, J.-C.; Goerlach, U.; Grimault, C.; Bihan, A. -C. Le; Nibigira, E.; Hove, P. Van; Asilar, E.; Beauceron, S.; Bernet, C.; Boudoul, G.; Camen, C.; Carle, A.; Chanon, N.; Contardo, D.; Depasse, P.; Mamouni, H. El; Fay, J.; Gascon, S.; Gouzevitch, M.; Ille, B.; Laktineh, I.B.; Lattaud, H.; Lesauvage, A.; Lethuillier, M.; Mirabito, L.; Perries, S.; Shchablo, K.; Sordini, V.; Torterotot, L.; Touquet, G.; Donckt, M. Vander; Viret, S.; Lomidze, I.; Toriashvili, T.; Tsamalaidze, Z.; Botta, V.; Feld, L.; Klein, K.; Lipinski, M.; Meuser, D.; Pauls, A.; Röwert, N.; Schulz, J.; Teroerde, M.; Dodonova, A.; Eliseev, D.; Erdmann, M.; Fackeldey, P.; Fischer, B.; Hebbeker, T.; Hoepfner, K.; Ivone, F.; Mastrolorenzo, L.; Merschmeyer, M.; Meyer, A.; Mocellin, G.; Mondal, S.; Mukherjee, S.; Noll, D.; Novak, A.; Pozdnyakov, A.; Rath, Y.; Reithler, H.; Schmidt, A.; Schuler, S.C.; Sharma, A.; Vigilante, L.; Wiedenbeck, S.; Zaleski, S.; Dziwok, C.; Flügge, G.; Ahmad, W. Haj; Hlushchenko, O.; Kress, T.; Nowack, A.; Pooth, O.; Roy, D.; Stahl, A.; Ziemons, T.; Zotz, A.; Petersen, H. Aarup; Martin, M. Aldaya; Asmuss, P.; Baxter, S.; Bayatmakou, M.; Behnke, O.; Martínez, A. Bermúdez; Bhattacharya, S.; Anuar, A. A. Bin; Blekman, F.; Borras, K.; Brunner, D.; Campbell, A.; Cardini, A.; Cheng, C.; Colombina, F.; Rodríguez, S. Consuegra; Silva, G. Correia; De Silva, M.; Didukh, L.; Eckerlin, G.; Eckstein, D.; Banos, L. I. Estevez; Filatov, O.; Gallo, E.; Geiser, A.; Giraldi, A.; Grohsjean, A.; Guthoff, M.; Jafari, A.; Jomhari, N.Z.; Jung, H.; Kasem, A.; Kasemann, M.; Kaveh, H.; Kleinwort, C.; Kogler, R.; Krücker, D.; Lange, W.; Lipka, K.; Lohmann, W.; Mankel, R.; Melzer-Pellmann, I.-A.; Morentin, M. Mendizabal; Metwally, J.; Meyer, A.B.; Meyer, M.; Mnich, J.; Mussgiller, A.; Nürnberg, A.; Otarid, Y.; Adán, D. Pérez; Pitzl, D.; Raspereza, A.; Lopes, B. Ribeiro; Rübenach, J.; Saggio, A.; Saibel, A.; Savitskyi, M.; Scham, M.; Scheurer, V.; Schnake, S.; Schütze, P.; Schwanenberger, C.; Shchedrolosiev, M.; Ricardo, R. E. Sosa; Stafford, D.; Tonon, N.; De Klundert, M. Van; Vazzoler, F.; Walsh, R.; Walter, D.; Wang, Q.; Wen, Y.; Wichmann, K.; Wiens, L.; Wissing, C.; Wuchterl, S.; Aggleton, R.; Albrecht, S.; Bein, S.; Benato, L.; Connor, P.; De Leo, K.; Eich, M.; Morabit, K. El; Feindt, F.; Fröhlich, A.; Garbers, C.; Garutti, E.; Gunnellini, P.; Hajheidari, M.; Haller, J.; Hinzmann, A.; Kasieczka, G.; Klanner, R.; Kramer, T.; Kutzner, V.; Lange, J.; Lange, T.; Lobanov, A.; Malara, A.; Matthies, C.; Mehta, A.; Nigamova, A.; Rodriguez, K. J. Pena; Rieger, M.; Rieger, O.; Schleper, P.; Schröder, M.; Schwandt, J.; Sonneveld, J.; Stadie, H.; Steinbrück, G.; Tews, A.; Zoi, I.; Bechtel, J.; Brommer, S.; Burkart, M.; Butz, E.; Caspart, R.; Chwalek, T.; De Boer, W.; Dierlamm, A.; Droll, A.; Faltermann, N.; Giffels, M.; Gosewisch, J.O.; Gottmann, A.; Hartmann, F.; Heidecker, C.; Husemann, U.; Keicher, P.; Koppenhöfer, R.; Maier, S.; Mitra, S.; Müller, Th.; Neukum, M.; Quast, G.; Rabbertz, K.; Rauser, J.; Savoiu, D.; Schnepf, M.; Seith, D.; Shvetsov, I.; Simonis, H.J.; Ulrich, R.; Linden, J. Van Der; Cube, R. F. Von; Wassmer, M.; Weber, M.; Wieland, S.; Wolf, R.; Wozniewski, S.; Wunsch, S.; Anagnostou, G.; Daskalakis, G.; Kyriakis, A.; Loukas, D.; Stakia, A.; Diamantopoulou, M.; Karasavvas, D.; Kontaxakis, P.; Koraka, C.K.; Manousakis-Katsikakis, A.; Panagiotou, A.; Papavergou, I.; Saoulidou, N.; Theofilatos, K.; Tziaferi, E.; Vellidis, K.; Vourliotis, E.; Bakas, G.; Kousouris, K.; Papakrivopoulos, I.; Tsipolitis, G.; Zacharopoulou, A.; Adamidis, K.; Bestintzanos, I.; Evangelou, I.; Foudas, C.; Gianneios, P.; Katsoulis, P.; Kokkas, P.; Manthos, N.; Papadopoulos, I.; Strologas, J.; Csanad, M.; Farkas, K.; Gadallah, M.M.A.; Lökös, S.; Major, P.; Mandal, K.; Pasztor, G.; Rádl, A.J.; Surányi, O.; Veres, G.I.; Bartók, M.; Bencze, G.; Hajdu, C.; Horvath, D.; Sikler, F.; Veszpremi, V.; Czellar, S.; Fasanella, D.; Fienga, F.; Karancsi, J.; Molnar, J.; Szillasi, Z.; Teyssier, D.; Raics, P.; Trocsanyi, Z.L.; Ujvari, B.; Csorgo, T.; Nemes, F.; Novak, T.; Bahinipati, S.; Kar, C.; Mal, P.; Mishra, T.; Bindhu, V. K. Muraleedharan Nair; Nayak, A.; Saha, P.; Sur, N.; Swain, S.K.; Vats, D.; Bansal, S.; Beri, S.B.; Bhatnagar, V.; Chaudhary, G.; Chauhan, S.; Dhingra, N.; Gupta, R.; Kaur, A.; Kaur, H.; Kaur, M.; Kumari, P.; Meena, M.; Sandeep, K.; Singh, J.B.; Virdi, A.K.; Ahmed, A.; Bhardwaj, A.; Choudhary, B.C.; Gola, M.; Keshri, S.; Kumar, A.; Naimuddin, M.; Priyanka, P.; Ranjan, K.; Saumya, S.; Shah, A.; Bharti, M.; Bhattacharya, R.; Bhattacharya, S.; Bhowmik, D.; Dutta, S.; Dutta, S.; Gomber, B.; Maity, M.; Palit, P.; Rout, P.K.; Saha, G.; Sahu, B.; Sarkar, S.; Sharan, M.; Behera, P.K.; Behera, S.C.; Kalbhor, P.; Komaragiri, J.R.; Kumar, D.; Muhammad, A.; Panwar, L.; Pradhan, R.; Pujahari, P.R.; Sharma, A.; Sikdar, A.K.; Tiwari, P.C.; Naskar, K.; Aziz, T.; Dugad, S.; Kumar, M.; Banerjee, S.; Chudasama, R.; Guchait, M.; Karmakar, S.; Kumar, S.; Majumder, G.; Mazumdar, K.; Mukherjee, S.; Alpana, A.; Dube, S.; Kansal, B.; Laha, A.; Pandey, S.; Rastogi, A.; Sharma, S.; Bakhshiansohi, H.; Khazaie, E.; Zeinali, M.; Chenarani, S.; Etesami, S.M.; Khakzad, M.; Najafabadi, M. Mohammadi; Grunewald, M.; Abbrescia, M.; Aly, R.; Aruta, C.; Colaleo, A.; Creanza, D.; De Filippis, N.; De Palma, M.; Florio, A. Di; Pilato, A. Di; Elmetenawee, W.; Errico, F.; Fiore, L.; Iaselli, G.; Ince, M.; Lezki, S.; Maggi, G.; Maggi, M.; Margjeka, I.; Mastrapasqua, V.; My, S.; Nuzzo, S.; Pellecchia, A.; Pompili, A.; Pugliese, G.; Ramos, D.; Ranieri, A.; Selvaggi, G.; Silvestris, L.; Simone, F.M.; Sözbilir, Ü.; Venditti, R.; Verwilligen, P.; Abbiendi, G.; Battilana, C.; Bonacorsi, D.; Borgonovi, L.; Brigliadori, L.; Campanini, R.; Capiluppi, P.; Castro, A.; Cavallo, F.R.; Ciocca, C.; Cuffiani, M.; Dallavalle, G.M.; Diotalevi, T.; Fabbri, F.; Fanfani, A.; Giacomelli, P.; Giommi, L.; Grandi, C.; Guiducci, L.; Meo, S. Lo; Lunerti, L.; Marcellini, S.; Masetti, G.; Navarria, F.L.; Perrotta, A.; Primavera, F.; Rossi, A.M.; Rovelli, T.; Siroli, G.P.; Albergo, S.; Costa, S.; Mattia, A. Di; Potenza, R.; Tricomi, A.; Tuve, C.; Barbagli, G.; Cassese, A.; Ceccarelli, R.; Ciulli, V.; Civinini, C.; D’Alessandro, R.; Focardi, E.; Latino, G.; Lenzi, P.; Lizzo, M.; Meschini, M.; Paoletti, S.; Seidita, R.; Sguazzoni, G.; Viliani, L.; Benussi, L.; Bianco, S.; Piccolo, D.; Bozzo, M.; Ferro, F.; Mulargia, R.; Robutti, E.; Tosi, S.; Benaglia, A.; Boldrini, G.; Brivio, F.; Cetorelli, F.; De Guio, F.; Dinardo, M.E.; Dini, P.; Gennai, S.; Ghezzi, A.; Govoni, P.; Guzzi, L.; Lucchini, M.T.; Malberti, M.; Malvezzi, S.; Massironi, A.; Menasce, D.; Moroni, L.; Paganoni, M.; Pedrini, D.; Pinolini, B.S.; Ragazzi, S.; Redaelli, N.; de Fatis, T. 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    © 2022, The Author(s).Using a data sample of s=13TeV proton-proton collisions collected by the CMS experiment at the LHC in 2017 and 2018 with an integrated luminosity of 103fb-1, the Bs0→ψ(2S)KS0 and B0→ψ(2S)KS0π+π- decays ...
  • Weight Loss, Type 2 Diabetes, and Nutrition in 355 Patients with Obesity Undergoing Sleeve Gastrectomy with Transit Bipartition: Two-Year Outcomes 

    Al, Muzaffer; Taskin, Halit Eren (2022)
    © 2022 Introduction: This study examined whether 355 obese patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) of varying duration and severity experienced equivalent weight loss and T2D remission following a newer sleeve gastrectomy (SG) ...
  • The Role of Emergency Departments in Cross-Contamination: The Case of VRE 

    Sarsar, Kutay; Aydin, Mustafa Derya (2022)
    Colonized surfaces, equipment, individuals, and infected patients can be sources for the hospital spread of vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE), which is one of the important nosocomial pathogens. The basic epidemiological ...

    Yalcinkaya, Y.; Inanc, M.; Soltanova, L.; Artim-Esen, B.; Bektas, Murat; Gul, A.; Amikishiyev, S.; Aliyeva, N.; Koca, N.

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