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dc.contributor.authorBaran, M. S.
dc.contributor.authorDemirel, R.
dc.contributor.authorYokus, B.
dc.contributor.authorKocabagli, Neşe
dc.identifier.citationBaran M. S. , Demirel R., Yokus B., Kocabagli N., "The Effects of Sorghum Grain on Live Weight Gain, Feed Conversion Ratios and Digestibility of Nutrients in Beef Cattle", Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, cilt.7, ss.1123-1127, 2008
dc.description.abstractIn this research, the effect of sorghum in beef cattle mixture feeds as energy source instead of wheat on live weight gain, feed conversion ratio and digestibility of nutrients were investigated. In the experiment, 20 Holstein male beef cattle of 1.5 years old and each weighing average 330 kg were used as animal material. The trial was done in two stages: the first stage was pre-experimental period for 2 weeks and the second stage was the main experimental period for 10 weeks, totally lasting 12 weeks. During the whole experimental period, isocaloric and isonitrogenic 2 diets were used. In control group, feed mixtures involved 27% wheat, but in experimental group, 27% sorghum was used instead of wheat. Dried alfalfa hay was used as roughage. Both rations consisted of 80% concentrated feed and 20% roughage. The differences between the control and treatment groups, in terms of live weight gains, feed intakes, daily live weight gains, feed conversion ratios and digestibility of nutrients, during 84 days of feeding period were not significant (p>0.05). Trial results indicated that sorghum grain could be used instead of wheat as an economical energy source in beef cattle rations.
dc.subjectTarım ve Çevre Bilimleri (AGE)
dc.subjectTarımsal Bilimler
dc.subjectVeteriner Bilimleri
dc.subjectSağlık Bilimleri
dc.subjectBitki ve Hayvan Bilimleri
dc.titleThe Effects of Sorghum Grain on Live Weight Gain, Feed Conversion Ratios and Digestibility of Nutrients in Beef Cattle
dc.relation.journalJournal of Animal and Veterinary Advances
dc.contributor.departmentDicle Üniversitesi , ,

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