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    • An overall indicator for the good environmental status of marine waters based on commercially exploited species 

      Demirel, Nazli; Sampang, Arlene (2015)
      An indicator is presented to assess and monitor the good environmental status of national marine waters based on the status of commercially exploited marine fishes and invertebrates, including fully-assessed as well as ...
    • Status and rebuilding of European fisheries 

      Matz-Lueck, Nele; Tsikliras, Athanassios C.; Demirel, Nazli; Dimarchopoulou, Donna; Froese, Rainer; Winker, Henning; Coro, Gianpaolo; Scarcella, Giuseppe (2018)
      Since January 2014, the reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) of the European Union is legally binding for all Member States. It prescribes the end of overfishing and the rebuilding of all stocks above levels that can ...